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Chairman’s message

이사장 사진이사장 사진

Korea Toray Science Foundation is a public foundation established for the development of science.
Toray has been continuously supporting basic science under the philosophy of `contributing to society by creating new values` and making efforts to improve the quality of life by developing state-of-the-art chemical materials.

The foundation will provide support for the development of science in Korea, and especially the promotion of chemistry and materials. We will create a research environment in which outstanding scientists are respected and creative and innovative ideas can be realized and foster the next-generation of manpower who will lead chemistry.

We will dream of a bold future and challenge the possibilities and contribute to the promotion of science and technology of Korea and the life of mankind. I hope that you will appreciate the activities of Korea Toray Science Foundation and look forward to your continued interest and support.

Thank you.

Chairman of Korea Toray Science Foundation이영관