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Toray Group has been working for the development of science and technology

Toray Group has been making efforts to develop technologies and materials that will benefit the world and mankind under the management philosophy of ‘contributing to society by creating new values. Having started with ‘Japan Toray Science Foundation,’ Toray established Science Foundations in ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, and is making efforts to develop science and foster the next-generation of manpower. 'Korea Toray Science Foundation‘ will develop the science and technology of Korea and realize greater values through global collaboration with overseas Toray Science Foundations.

Toray Science Foundation

Toray Science Foundation was established in 1960 to contribute to the development science and technology and culture. We are carrying out various projects with a long-term perspective to support basic science researches and foster manpower and supporting overseas Toray Science Foundations as well.

  • Toray Science and Technology Grant
    • Raising research funds for new scientists who are expected to contribute to the advancement and development of science and technology with embryonic researches in natural sciences, engineering, agricultural science, pharmacy and medical science
  • Toray Science and Technology Prize
    • Selecting and commending scientists who have contributed to the advances in science and technology with great academic and technological achievements in natural sciences, engineering, agricultural science, pharmacy and medical science
  • Toray Science Education Prize
    • Commending teachers who have made great educational achievements in middle and high school science education with creativity and passion, and publishing a collection of award-wining works for donation to middle and high schools
  • Toray Science Foundation International Research Grant
    • Raising funds for new researchers in natural science in various regions in collaboration with overseas science foundations
  • Indonesia Toray Science Foundation

  • Malaysia Toray Science Foundation

  • Thailand Toray Science Foundation